what attention to post selfies smile

Many people like to “post” selfies on the Internet, and it is inevitable to show their teeth to show their smiles. In Australia, in pursuit of “selfie smile”, some people accept dental beauty. The Victorian Chapter of the Australian Dental Association estimates that the number of teeth whitening and zirconia crowns has doubled in recent years.

Laura Gregory is one of the consumers who received dental beauty for “selfie laugh”. She originally didn’t care about her short teeth, but felt the pressure from social media and made zirconium crowns for 10 upper teeth last year. Australia’s “Sydney Morning Herald” quoted her as a report on the 5th: “Everyone took many photos and selfies with their mobile phones and put them out. I realized that I had never really shown my teeth (when I took the photo) because I was embarrassed. .”

Are zirconia veneers better than porcelain?

“Sydney Morning Herald” reported that with the emergence of social media and Internet celebrities, people’s desire to show a perfect smile has never been stronger. But “selfie laugh” is not cheap. The cost of whitening teeth is about 450 Australian dollars,and the cost of a single tooth is between 1400 and 1800 Australian dollars.Some consumers require dentists to provide “digital smile solutions”, that is,zirconia veneers procedure,dentists design a personalized “perfect smile” through computer imaging, X-ray and facial measurement and made by the cad/cam dentistry,rusting in a much higher zirconia veneer cost.

In view of the increase in the number of people doing dental beauty in pursuit of the perfect “selfie smile”, professionals remind consumers not to ignore the risks and subsequent costs. Alexander Holden, a dentist and ethicist at the University of Sydney, said that some teeth whitening treatments are irreversible and may need to be redone every 10 to 20 years. “It’s like something you did on a whim in your 20s. Like a bad tattoo”. He also reminded that tooth whitening cannot improve oral health.